Plan Design

We specialize in designing plans for the smaller employer (500 or fewer employees). We sell no products or investments. The sole measure of our success is the extent to which we efficiently implement employer objectives.
Key Concepts in Choosing a Consultant
and Designing a Plan

Our design services focus upon employer objectives in considering or maintaining a plan. We attempt to arrive at a firm understanding of the context of the plan, and the employer's business environment. For this reason, each of our design efforts is unique to that employer's situation. Some of the tools available to us to accomplish employer objectives include: 

  • Qualified Plans. Profit-sharing (traditional, 401(k), rate group or "new comparability," age-weighted), stock bonus, ESOP, money purchase pension, target benefit, and defined benefit (flat benefit, fixed benefit, unit credit, and cash balance) plans.

  • Cafeteria Plans. Premium only plans, medical/dental reimbursement, life/disability insurance, dependant care, vacation pay, adoption assistance, and flexible spending accounts.

  • Nonqualified Plans. Elective deferred compensation, supplemental executive retirement plans  and benefit equalization plans (including Top Hat and excess benefit plans), performance/incentive plans (including phantom stock and stock appreciation rights), Rabbi trusts, Secular trusts, and split dollar insurance arrangements.


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